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How to Play Number Game on Maxbet / Ibcbet (Game Numbers) – a gambling agency that provides the most complete online gambling game serving prospective members who will help online gambling players who want to join in through the easiest way of registration.

The availability of ATM accounts of your bank are provided by making the reason why many gambling players want to join. The minimum deposit is very affordable for every market, all the games you can try, including one of the interesting game that is Number Game / Game Numbers.

For those of you who have long played in Ibcbet / Maxbet, should have known the number of games this one can only find on Maxbet / Ibcbet and not on other online gambling sites.

The number game has numbers ranging from 1 to 75. In the Game Number game, start a number game by scrambling all the balls and the player can take 3 balls, there are several types of bets provided by Maxbet / Ibcbet.

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How to Win the Number Game (Ibcbet Numbers Game)
Online Gambling Number Game is a game that puts bets on a number of balls that will be taken through the BINGO engine. Each round of the game will take 3 pieces of the ball. After the game round is complete, it will issue 3 pieces of balls that will determine the player’s victory, after which the game will be repeated again.

The Game Number / Game Game on Ibcbet has Live / Real Time Odds on randomly shooting balls. You will be able to place a bet based on the Odds given during the game. Like the different types of bets we will give examples like below.

Tips and Tricks To Win Main Number Game on Ibcbet
Game Number / Number Game in Maxbet / Ibcbet there are 75 balls:
* Ball 1-37 is UNDER
* Ball 38-75 is OVER

Number Game will be divided into 2 types of bet such as:
1. Pre-Games = Can put bet your bet before the ball out of the number game that is in play
2. Live Games = Can install bet bet after ball out (Guessing number on ball which in next round will come out)
how to play the numbers game

Number Game

game number guide
Information :

  1. Event Number means Game Game game that is running LIVE
  2. Next O / U means guessing the ball that will come out in the next game (Walking Ball) whether Over (Over) and Under (Smaller) through middle number (37,5)
  3. And O / E means guessing the ball that will come out in the next game (Walking Ball) whether Odd (Odd) or Even (Even)
  4. Next Combo means Game Number game by guessing the combination of Over / Under or Even / Odd on the ball in the next game:
    O / O: Over Odd = Big Odd
    O / E: Over Even = Big Even
    U / O: Under Odd = Small Odd
    U / E: Under Even = Small Even
  5. Next High / Low means by guessing the ball that will come out in the next round,
    whether the value of the number is bigger or even smaller than the previous ball.
  6. Warrior means by guessing the second or third ball,
    which is bigger than the value of the ball in getting
    2nd Ball Win means guessing the 2nd ball is bigger
    3rb Ball Win means guessing the 3rd ball is bigger
  7. Live Tv means in this menu, bettor can see live stream live for ball withdrawal in Number Game and bettor will be accompanied by models of beautiful casino online casino gambbet site.
    After that, the bettor can also see the LIVE live streaming stream coming out of the BINGO machine.
  8. Result means that when you click on the menu you will see the results of the numbers of numbers of Game Outcome. When you click the menu of this section, it will exit a new Popup that will display the results of the Number Game that you have passed.

  • Date means In this date menu, you can specify to view the output of the numbers according to the date you have selected. You can choose today’s date (Today), yesterday (Yesterday)
  • Sport means Choice of result of the score you want to see. Choose Number Game on this menu and also on the League
  • Kickoff Time means Time for the withdrawal of the ball that will start in the future
  • Match means the Code Numbers on the round / game in the online gambling of Max Game Number
  • FT O / E (Fulltime Odd Event) means the final result (Total all 3 balls) whether the outcome is Odd (Odd) or Even (Even)
  • First No means First ball outcome
  • Last No means the last ball outcome
  • Status means you can tell if the game is running or it’s over
  • Kickoff Sequence means Sequence in Kickoff as it looks is a menu for you easier to see output per game
  • The Kickoff Sequence button means Click on this button so you can see the expenses on the game type you choose
  • Once you have finished clicking on the Kickoff Sequence button you will see a small box that will show you 3 balls that have come out on the game: First Ball = 17, Second Ball = 1, Third Ball = 44 so the total is 62

  • Event means the Ongoing Event is Number Game.
  • Some of the markets that are open are:
    FT O / E (Fulltime Odd Event) means the final game result (Total 3 balls) whether Odd (Odd) or even (Even)
  • 1st Ball O / E means Output results from the final game is either Over (Greater) or Under (Less) than the total Odds score (37.5)
  • 1st Ball O / E means Output on ball most important whether Odd or Odd (Odd) or Even (Even)
  • No Wheel means Players can buy numbers in accordance with the wishes that started from 75 balls available or you are also allowed to buy Rows, Columns and more

  • Player can buy Rows that have been provided
    Example: Player buys the first line (Figures 1-15), if the game comes out 3,
    then with Odds 14.28 as you can see.
  • Player in buying Columns in the Table that has been provided
    Example: You buy the first line starting at the numbers
    (1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31, 36, 41, 46, 51, 56, 61, 66, 71),
    if the out is 46, you will win with Odds 4.76 as you have seen
  • The Player will purchase the Categories at multiples of 25 starting at the numbers (1-25,26-50,51-75)
    Example: Player buys a multiple of 25 (26-50), if the result is 38, the player wins with Odds 2.85 as seen
  • Player will purchase a Category with a multiple of 15 which starts from the number (1-15,16-30,31-45,46-60,61-75)
    Example: Player buys the first 15 (1-15), if the result of the outgoing game is number 10,
    then player will win with Odds 4.76 as seen
  • Player chooses by buying the numbers 1 to 75 provided
    Example: Player has bought number 55. If the result of round 55 succeeds out, then player will win with Odds 71,42 as seen
  • Last Ball O / U means the outcome of the last round is either
    Over (Over) or Under (Less) than Odds (37.5)
  • Last Ball O / E means the outcome of the last round whether Odd (Odd) or Even (Even)

Warrior means Require player to guess whether the second ball or the third ball of greater value is generated
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