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Ibcbet Maxbet Betting Sportsbook
Ibcbet Maxbet Betting Sportsbook

IBCBET is the largest casino betting organizer in Asia, but now the brand is already change name into MAXBET.
This change of name has no effect whatsoever in this most complete online betting site.
New Management enters by injection of funds trillions of USD in order to increase the types of gambling that will be offered to members.
Which makes the change of name Ibcbet become MAXBET.
Then how do I login into the site that once sponsored this sevilla club?
What features does ibcbet show?


Follow the Ibcbet Login Instructions below.

You must join by registering ibcbet through our official site, K138.com
After the registration process is complete, you will be given the user id along with the password.
Enter the user id and your passcode. See the username description of the ibcbet login below.

Maxbet suggests Indonesian or English depending on which one you understand more.

User Name: Enter the username (User ID) provided by K138 ( Betting Official Partner ).

If you entered your Username and Password correctly, you will be directed to the IBCBET Partner page.
You can choose the menu name i-Sport in our official partner website to play or place a bet in our Maxbet Sportsbook.
The entire system and rule is still the same like before you play in our past brand IBCBET.

If you have any trouble don’t hestitate to contact Maxbet official partner live chat.
Their live chat is 24 hours online in 7 days.
The K138 Live Chat will support and guide you through to know better about how to place a bet in Maxbet Sportsbook.


If you are directed to a page like the picture above, then you are on the main page IBCBET.
In this main page, there are many other features that can help you. As has been marked in the picture above, then we will explain one by one function from the menus.

In this column, you will see Cash Balance, Outstanding Bets, Loans Available (Credit), Loans Given (Given Credit), and others.

  1. Sports Books (Sportsbook): This menu is a menu for gambling where you can place bets on sports games such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, and others.
  2. Racing: This menu is a menu for racing bets such as Horse Racing, Dog Race and Train Racing.
  3. Virtual Sports (Virtual Sports): This menu is a virtual or virtual bet type. The games include Virtual Soccer, Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Tennis, Motorcycle Racing, and more. Keep in mind here, this Virtual (Virtual) Sports is an unreal match. This game is in the form of animation.
  4. Keno: In this menu you can play KENO games. Keno itself is a kind of Casino game that is almost similar to Lotto.
  5. Live Casino: In this menu you can play Casino type games, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Black Jack and others.
  6. Game (Gaming): In this menu you can play Mini Games, Bingo, Casino Slot and Live Casino.
  7. OUT: If you want to stop playing, then you are suggested LOGOUT by clicking the exit button located at the top right.
  8. Bet List: In this menu you can see a list of bets that you have previously installed. The menu itself has 2 options, the Mini Bet List (listing your bets in the left column), and the second is the Full Betting List (listing your bets in the new window).
  9. Report (Statement): This menu contains your bet results including your losing wins.
  10. Balance: Opens or refreshes your balance column (see point A).
    Result (Result): This menu serves to see the results of the game that opened its market by the IBCBET.
  11. Preference (Preference): This menu is the SETTING menu. In this preference menu, there are some features like the example below:
    Change Password
  12. Change Password Code: Click on this menu to activate the panel change the passcode on the right.
  13. Enter your current Password Code (Old Password) in this field.
    Enter your desired Password Code.
  14. Repeat the new Password Code you entered in Column C.
  15. Click Submit to change your Password.
  16. Click Reset to cancel or to delete the filled fields.

Preferences (Settings)

  1. Click the preference button to activate the settings menu on the right panel.
  2. Language (Language): This menu is for selecting the language you want.
  3. Page Type: The display type on the main page.
  4. Default Stake: Is the menu to set the default settings for your bets.
  5. Last Bet: This option sets the nominal of your bet as much as you put on the previous bet.
    Example: You place a bet for match A. When you place a bet for game B, then the nominal wager that comes up is like you put in game A.
  6. Customize: This option is to set your bets nominally as big as you want.
    Example: You set a nominal of on this option. So at every bet you place, a nominal bet will be automatically filled in your betting column.
  7. Disable: This option is used if you do not want to set up your Default Stake.
    Example: Every time you place a bet,
    the betting column will be blank for you to fill in your bets nominal
    different from the two options above which are automatically filled with the amount of your bet.
  8. Accept Better Odds: Menu to enable or disable whether you want to keep the bet if the price changes but only when the price changes for the better or cheaper.
    (Example from -1.12 to -1.10).
  9. Auto Refresh (Auto Refresh Odds): Select Enable if you want the ticket box will always refresh the latest market.
  10. Show Score Map: Please select Enable if you want to bring up a Score Map when placing a bet.
  11. Default Events Sorting: Is The Default Event Arrangement.
    There are two options if you want to display the Normal Arrangement and Time-Based Arrangement.
  12. Market Type: It is optional to choose the type of market opened by IBCBET. There are two options whether you want to display all the market or just the main market only.
  13. HOWEVER (Submit): Click the submit button when you are finished with your setting.
  14. RESTORE: Click this button if you cancel the setting.