How To Calculate Mix Parlay and Check Your Win Status

How To Calculate Mix Parlay and Check Your Win Status

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Maxbet is given to provide guidance on how to bet and play to every member who already registers in Maxbet. Some of you maybe prefer to place a bet on a single match for easier calculation.

But almost people would like to try something different of course.
Like a sample, if you have some money amount, let says RM 50 for an example.
If you bet on a single match, probably you will earn double from that amount. But how if you have a chance to make that 50 become more than 100?. Maybe you have a chance to duplicate it into 5 times up?. Will you get it?.

Most of the answer is, sure. That’s why a game of mix parlay is the most interesting than other games.
Coz you have the chance to get a big amount only from your little initial funding.

So now, lets try this game to get more money to yours.
First thing first, you need to register in our website to become a member.
Any member who already has a Maxbet account can bet mix parlay.


Mix Parlay is a package betting bet with a minimum of 3 match options.
You can choose the ball market in the form of handicap, over / under, Correct Score (guess Score), 1 × 2,
or Total Goal (number of goals) either on Halftime Match (first half) or Full Time (2 × 45 minutes).

The amount of Mix Parlay Maxbet is the multiplication of the odds you choose multiplied by your Betting Value.

Here’s how to book bets and calculate maxbet mix parlay:

You must choose at least 3 teams to be able to play mixed parlay bets,
handicap, over / under, 1 × 2, or Odd / even (even / odd).

After selecting 3 teams a column will appear on the left to enter the bet value.
A Mix Parlay column will be available

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For the sample, the total odds of the bet you choose are @ 8,031
Then that means, the odds value multiplied by the sum of your bet amount is 8,031.

Example: If you bet is RM 100, and total odds 8,031.
So if your three teams win full, then the prize you will get is =
100 x (8,031 – 1) = 703.1 or RM 703.1
Keep in mind each odds Value should be reduced 1 new then multiplied your bet amount.

Here are the How to Bet and How to Calculate Maxbet Parlay Mix:

  • How to count Parlay if there is 1 team draw ?

Mix Parlay

In the above Parlay, members choose 4 teams but it turns out there is 1 team that DRAW, how to calculate it?
If the four teams win FULL, then the prize multiply is 15.934.
But since there is 1 team that draw, then odds are multiplied is the only win, namely:

Odd colombia vs greece = 2.01 (Winner Description)

even uruguay vs kosta rica = 1.89 (Winning Description)

Over England vs Italy = 1.96 (Winning Description)

So the Multiplication Prize is =
2.01 x 1.89 x 1.96 = 7,455.
The number of bets is 50. then the result in the can is (7,455 – 1) x 50 = 322,29.

  • How to Calculate Mix Parlay if any team wins half (Half 1/2 Win)?

Mix Parlay

In the picture above Member do bet mix mix 3 teams, But there is one team that won half (WON 1/2). How does the formula count? Here Odds won 1/2 party is 2.20. So how to calculate won 1/2 is {(Value odds party 1/2 won – 1): 1/2} + 1. So for IFK Games Varnamo odds won 1/2 is {(2.20 – 1): 1/2} +1 = 1.60

Ghana -0.25 handicap, odds = 2.04 (full win status)

Jongkopings sodra -0.5 handicap, odds = 2.05 (Full Win Status)

IFK Varnamo, -0.75 handicap, odds = 1.60 (Winning Status 1/2)

Then how to calculate Odds total win is =
2.04 x 2.05 x 1.60 = 6.691.
His bet value is 15 (RM 15), –
So the prize is (6,691 – 1) x 15 = 85,37 (RM 85,37)

  • How To Calculate Your Mix Parlay if 1 Team loses (Lose 1/2)?

Mix Parlay

In the picture above members do bets as many as 5 teams for Mix Parlay, but there is 1 team that Lose 1/2 but still counted Win. If on your Mix Parlay there is 1 team that lost half (Lose 1/2) still counted the results of victory. how to calculate it is: multiply odds of winning team prizes only, then divided by 2.

Brazil 1 × 2, odds = 1.31 (Full Win Status)

Mexico Level 0 Handicap, odds = 1.54 (Full Win Status)

Nederlands +1 handicap, odds = 1.59 (Full Win Status)

Chile 1 × 2, odds = 1.41 (Full Win Status)

Odds total formula 1/2 lose prize Mix Parlay = (multiplication of team odds winning only) divided by 2.
Then Odds Mix parlay is
{(1.31 x 1.54 x 1.59 x 1.41): 2} = 2.261.
His bet value is 13 (RM 13).

So the prize that you get is
(2,261 – 1) x 13 = 16,40

So the victory earned is worth 16.40 (RM 16.40).

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Maxbet

Now you know how to calculate your bet on mix parlay. Join with Maxbet now and earn your winning amount!